April 9

Are We Losing More Freedom?

It’s been a few weeks since I last posted on here….sorry.  I have been a little caught up in prepping for my CISSP exam (which I passed) and then catching up with school work that I got a little behind on.  Well I am back and  I will do my best to keep this up do date, (at least bi-monthly).  This weeks post is actually something I did for a discussion board in my IT Ethics class but, it is something I feel strongly about and am fine with sharing this with the world.


Do you like to speak you mind? Have you ever had an opinion about anything that isn’t in line with the “popular” opinion?  Would you like the government and/or the powers that be to tell you what you are allowed to say and read online?  Whether you are a conservative or a liberal, an anarchist or a conformist there is a damn good chance that you will say no to these questions.  Anyone would be hard-pressed to find someone who wants the government to have even more control over their freedom of speech and expression.  A large part of why this country was founded was to gain this right back and keep it.

All of us have seen those giving speeches, writing articles, posting tweets and just about anything else that exists saying that we need to limit these rights “to protect the children,” or “protect national security,” or for about a hundred other reasons.  Our freedom of expression was very carefully covered in the first amendment of the constitution.  According to Cornell University, “The First Amendment of the United States Constitution protects the right to freedom of religion and freedom of expression from government interference.”

As American citizens it is our duty to stand up for these important rights and do everything in our power to stop politicians and special interest groups from taking these rights away.  There have been several recent bills that have been attempted in our government’s “hallowed” halls, such as SOPA, and PIPA.  This is not mention currently active acts that were passed through under the guise of “protecting America’s interests” such as the USA Patriot Act and Europe’s “Right to be Forgotten” laws.  If you care about your freedom take a minute to visit the Electronic Frontier Foundations (EFF) website or follow EFF or the ACLU on Twitter to keep apprised of the latest attacks on our freedoms so you can do your part to fight back.

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