April 16

New Blog in the Works

We will start blogging in earnest now, here at EndisNye Security we have some unique and fresh views on the changing world of IT and physical security.  There are several different projects in the works some that are coming sooner, rather than later are listed below.

  • A new blog post will be here at a minimum of once a week.
  • New videos will be posted frequently, for the time being not as often as the written blogs because of time constraints and production takes a little longer.
  • Links to other great blog posts and articles.
  • We also plan to set up a Q&A forum where you can ask questions and get professional answers.

We will discuss everything from Penetration Testing and hacking techniques to new concepts we are working on for user awareness education.  Of course we will put our two-cents on the current IT and Security news and give updates from conferences that we attend.

We hope to see a lot of feedback, suggestions and general participation.  We also are more than happy to post stories, reviews, articles, and experiences from the community as well so please feel free to send us anything that you would like to see published.

Thank you for you interest and we look forward to a long and interesting road ahead.